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Why Mindset Matters

" Enterprise Leadership is about Mindset: being aware and intentional about yourself, others and the organization to bring your unique, best self to shape your leadership role and go beyond previous limitations "

- Brigitte Morel-Curran

Leadership mindset is about intentionality and mindfulness. Faced with a tsunami of complex stakeholders, the ambiguity and uncertainty of today’s business world, and the multiple demands for their attention, today’s leaders run several risks:

  • to rely on what has worked for them in the past 

  • to react with speed and drive to the immediacy of the situation 

  • to fall for either of two extremes: self-doubt or over-confidence in their ability to lead others through these challenges.

‘24 hours a day’ is the big equalizer in life and in business. How we allocate our energy, our time and our bandwidth will determine the difference we make on the business. 

Leadership Mindset is how we understand the situational context, develop clarity of the impact we are seeking, and bring our best selves to take a unique approach for a variety of complex situations. Mindset happens in the moment, and over the long term.

Leadership mindset is to

  • stay aware of our talents and traits

  • be grounded in our purpose and our values

  • know when and how to deploy them to make our unique difference.


It is about expanding our own resources to broaden our influence and impact. It is about stepping up and getting out of our comfort zone. It is about grounding ourselves in a powerful sense of purpose, source of clarity, authenticity and quiet confidence.


Mindset is how we transform ourselves to become the purposeful leaders we aspire to be. It is the ultimate competitive differentiator.

Guiding Principles

My guiding principles

I make a difference in the performance of the business by elevating its leadership.

My goal is for you to deepen discovery of who you are, develop clarity of purpose and direction, and ignite personal transformation to be your best-self as a leader and as a person.

business relevance
  • Understand your business context

  • Anchor development activities in leadership challenges relevant to your role 

  • Align with business sponsors along the way 

  • Empower you to powerfully grow your leadership towards business impact

individual growth
  • Take a whole person view

  • Focus on a superior participant experience 

  • Demonstrate compassion and courage to enable awareness

  • Foster individual commitment toward personal transformation

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