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Service offerings

We specialize on Board/CEO/C-level leadership fit analysis, readiness acceleration and elevating senior team performance.

  • We leverage years of experience to work with our clients to create unique success profiles that define the leadership attributes needed to be successful in a C-level role. We do this in the context of the organization, and its unique strategy and culture. 

  • We design and conduct assessment programs that integrate a combination of psychometrics, participant interviews and 360 feedback to develop a comprehensive and deep evaluation of each unique person we work with.

  • We report data and insights to the project sponsors, and develop clear recommendations related to potential and readiness for a target role.   

leadership fit analysis

  • All our programs have a developmental component. We believe that assessment data delivers value when it is translated into new awareness insights and a personal development map.

  • Our approach to development is to accelerate the participant journey towards readiness for success in a target role.

  • We support leaders at various stages of their C-level journey: preparing to step up to a demanding role; transitioning and onboarding into a new situation; elevating performance in current role.

  • We support executive development through a combination of executive coaching and programmatic interventions.  All interventions involve multi-months support to embed new practices and enable profound leadership transformation.

readiness acceleration

  • We profoundly believe that a leader’s impact will be multiplied through his senior team, and that the Mindset of the Team will make the greatest difference on its performance.

  • Top team performance involves three levels of intervention: how a leader leads the team; how the team defines and delivers its work; how each member of the team contributes to the team.

  • Our work with a senior team always starts with a diagnostic to highlight opportunities for enhanced performance and impact; define priorities to initiate improvements; and engage the team leader into these conclusions.

  • Our interventions with a team include a combination of 1on1 sessions with the leader and the team members, facilitating team off-sites, and supporting the team doing its work. Focus is on elevating the top team performance and business impact. 

senior team performance 
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